At camp we focus on measurable outcomes in our campers development. We are always working to provide the best possible experience for our campers and our camp families are asked to evaluate their campers experience each summer.

Initiative & Self-Direction

Setting out on a bike ride is much more than just getting from point A to point B. At Go West, trip planning and taking advantage of opportunities for exploration are camper driven. Along the way we learn how to make choices, navigate our own adventures, and overcome bumps in the road.

Productivity & Accountability

Who will help me plant the seed? Who will help me water the sprout? Who will help me taste the garden treats? We all will. Working the community garden shows campers the importance of contributing to their community and the rewards that are produced when they follow through on their commitments.

Leadership & Responsibility

It’s all for one and one for all. As the Leader of the Day, campers at Go West get the chance to develop strategies for leading their group. Whether it’s on a hike or during group games, they discover for themselves the ability to develop camaraderie, to have positive communication, and a sense of responsibility to the group.

Communication & Collaboration

Some call it the ground rules, a pact, or an agreement. We call it the Code of Living and it’s the keystone of camp life at Go West. Each group of campers is unique, and campers work to design their unique Code of Living that defines the values that are important to them, as they communicate, live and play together. At camp we may rock climb for the first time, reach the peak on a hike or create a work of art, but most important is how a camper contributes to the group and connects to fellow campers. Some of our most memorable moments will be when the session comes to a close and we have the opportunity to recognize campers who have exemplified The Code.

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