Go West Camps teen leadership camp program is designed to give teens a safe place to spend their summer learning how to lead within their group of peers and building 21st Ce skills which will help them as they e on to high sschool and beyond.

Adventurers Day Camp  - grades 6-8

The Go West Adventurers program  is a progressive program that focuses on interpersonal skills, teamwork and problem solving, giving teens the opportunity to work on personal growth under the supervision and guidance of the Go West Camp staff. We work with a small group of teens to build a strong and tight community where cooperation and understanding prevail. Campers will bicycle, hike, standup paddle board, rock climb, and mountain bike in Colorado Spring's beautiful forests, streams, lakes, and hills.

In addition to adventure activities our teens will have an opportunity to artistic through fine art, crafts and photography. Campers will have an opportunity to make choices as a group on some of the days activities.

Most importantly, as the camp session progresses, participants will gain invaluable skills as effective leaders. This is an important part of camp, because as the teens grow in their skills, the camp staff will start giving the group more responsibilities. This gives campers the opportunity to make decisions in route finding, daily goals, and the overall direction of their camp experience. Campers will learn to trust and rely on one another to succeed. This is really when the camp experience will become an unforgettable adventure.

At the beginning of the camp session we spend time developing the group's culture through team-building activities, discussion and creation of a “Code of Living”, and clarification of the staffs expectations and goals. Teens will have an opportunity at the end of their session to help camp staff in planning and leading all camp activities.

At Go West Camps teens are challenged through adventure programs that also build leadership and 21st Century Skills.

Challengers - grades 7-9 


The Challengers program features the opportunity for teens to spend time with their camp friends on overnight camping  trips. We are offering two three-week sessions that include a one-night overnight trip the first week of the session and a two-night overnight trip on the second and third weeks of the session. Overnight trips will depart from Eagleview on Wednesday or Thursday and return to camp Friday.

Our days in the Springs will be spent hiking, rock climbing, standup paddle boarding and mountain biking at the destinations our day campers enjoyed in previous summers.  Overnight trips allow campers to explore some cool new places in Southern Colorado. Destinations and activities may include:

  • Sand Dunes National Park (Biking and Hiking)
  • Arkansas Valley (Rafting and Standup Paddle Boarding)
  • Rampart Reservoir (Mountain Biking and Standup Paddle Boarding)
  • Cripple Creek (Bikepacking Gold Camp Road)
  • 11 Mile Reservoir (Rock Climbing Standup Paddle Boarding)
  • Lake Pueblo State Park (Mountain Biking and Standup Paddle Boarding)
  • Gold Camp Road Cripple Creek (Bikepacking)
  • Phantom Canyon Road (Bikepacking)

Each session will include unique trip destinations.

With over twelve years of experience directing overnight camp programs, we believe that giving kids the opportunity to live and work together builds responsibility, teamwork, communication and independence. Your camper will be responsible for learning to pack for a trip, set up and care for camp, cook meals and take care of themselves in an outdoor environment. We will also ask that they leave their phones and devices home or at camp allowing them to unplug for an extended period of time.

Each camp session finishes up with a special closing ceremony where campers are recognized for their accomplishments throughout their experience.  Campers will also have an opportunity to acknowledge each other’s contributions.  This special ending helps campers to leave feeling great about themselves and the amazing adventure that they have completed.