Camp Counselors

We know that a great camp experience starts with caring, mature staff members, and our staff is made up of adults who are committed to providing guidance, encouragement and an unforgettable summer of fun.  At Go West we hire the cream of the crop.  Our counselors go through a rigorous hiring process and are selected based on their experience, knowledge and skills in specific camp activity areas, and their ability to create positive relationships with campers and fellow staff members.  Every individual contributes to the spirit and culture of camp, and we highly value including counselors from diverse backgrounds and experiences.  

Preparation is everything.  All of our staff members complete a thorough training before summer begins, continually attend in-service trainings and are evaluated throughout the summer.  Our series of trainings includes, at a minimum, First Aid, CPR and certifications in specific program activities.  Staff members also go through state and federal criminal background checks. To ensure the safety of our campers, Go West maintains a 1:6 staff to camper ratio. Additionally, each activity is supervised by staff members with previous experience leading that activity.


Meet our Staff


logan gocza

Logan is excited to work for GoWest Camps this summer! He has previous experience working at a summer camp, in the bike industry and now works at a high school during the year. Logan studied Art Education in Minnesota and is now completing his master’s degree in Special Education. His passion for educating others goes into every aspect of his life including outdoor sports and he loves seeing others grow and develop in those activities and as individuals. Logan can usually be found wrenching on his bike or a Jeep, hanging out with his wife, or spending time outdoors. He believes in the power of the outdoor lifestyle and getting others outside and experiencing all that Colorado has to offer.


Kaylin Larkin

Kaylin is excited to be back for her second summer on staff at Go West. Kaylin is currently a student at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs where she is studying psychology in hopes of developing a career working with children. She has always been passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of children, as well as a passion and love for nature and the outdoors. Camp has given her the opportunity to enjoy both of these passions, while also helping children find what they are passionate about, learn more about the environment around them, and lead overall happier, healthier, and more positive lifestyles.




Ben Lopez

Ben Is thrilled to become part of the Go West team this summer and share his passion and enthusiasm for the outdoors and working with kids. Growing up in the mountains of Colorado, Ben has been able to take advantage and become experienced in numerous outdoor activities that the Rocky Mountains offer. This past fall, Ben recently graduated from Colorado State University-Pueblo with a Bachelor of Science and Major in Exercise Science, Health Promotion and Recreation. He is also licensed to teach Physical Education (K-12) which he hopes to pursue full time during the school year. Ben loves to teach kids fun and exciting new things, and combined with his experience of the outdoors and leading healthy active lifestyles, he believes Go West Camps makes a perfect fit. When Not at work, Ben loves spending time with his Wife and 2-year-old twin boys.

Quinn Pollner

Quinn is ecstatic to join Go West Camps this summer! He not only has a passion for the outdoors but a passion for teaching people about the outdoors. Quinn has worked at one other camp in Colorado and loves how the camp experience really gives him the chance to impact the kids in a powerful way. As an all-around climbing junky Quinn is looking forward to teaching kids how to climb and sharing in their experiences in some of the beautiful places we have here in Colorado. Quinn plans on becoming a mountaineering guide and is excited for this opportunity to help him on that path.



natalie roberts

Natalie is convinced that Go West Camps is the best place to be employed during the summer. She's even been known to say that she wishes summer camp would last year round. Natalie has been living a life of servitude since 2009; working with school age children and people with developmental disabilities. She is currently attending UCCS, pursing a Bachelors degree in English with an emphasis in Rhetoric and Writing along with a minor in Visual Art. In her spare time, Natalie loves exploring unfamiliar places, both urban and not-so-urban. She has a history of drawing on everything except for public property *cough* This summer, Natalie will be filling a role as a Program Specialist in Fine Arts. She is stoked to share her knowledge and supplement the adventure-oriented activities with hands-on art exploration.




Reilly is excited to be a part of the Go West team. She has extensive experience with kids from working in a day care to nannying. In her free time she likes to hike, travel, and do yoga. She will be going into her fourth year at UCCS for Inclusive Elementary Education and American Sign Language. She hopes to build strong connections and create a safe and fun environment for the kids this summer.





francesca baines

Francesca is thrilled be a part of the GoWest team this summer. She has previously worked as a Lifeguard and Swim Instructor, and can’t wait to start her new journey at GoWest. She is currently a student at Queens University of Charlotte in North Carolina where she is studying to become an Elementary Teacher. She has been swimming since the age of 5 and is currently a collegiate student-athlete. She values friendship and loves to explore the great outdoors. When Francesca is not in the pool, she likes to spend her time hiking with her friends and taking morning walks with her family. She sees the importance of helping children grow in all ways and will give her all to help them reach their full potential.




Casey Roberts

Casey looks forward to the Colorado summers because of all the incredible activities our state has to offer. Currently working towards a degree in Business Administration with a cross-discipline in Engineering at UCCS, his primary goal is to innovate the world. He looks forward to taking a break from learning to pursue his desire in sharing his knowledge with the campers and enlightening the younger generations in grasping what nature has to offer. Whenever Casey isn't trekking along dangerous trails or rappelling down steep rock formations, you can find him creating digital art, coding various programs and websites, or enjoying the simpler things in life like video games and movies.

Cassandra Step Picture.jpg


Cassandra Stepaniak

Cassandra has hopes for a more sustainable and green future for her planet. She believes everyone has a purpose to be here and wants to live in a way that benefits others, or at the very least does no harm. Recently she's worked with shelter animals in Minnesota and wolves at Mission: Wolf. Cassandra is looking forward to Camp this summer! She loves interacting with kids of all ages and teaching fun and important life skills. Getting kids to think and question why we do things brings a sense of purpose and she loves getting messy and creative with arts and crafts. When she's not drawing or painting she can be found mountain biking or walking her two dogs. 




Michaela Pingel

Michaela is excited to begin her summer working with Go West Camps! She currently attends Kansas State University where she studies Industrial Engineering. Although she is from Kansas, she lived in Colorado Springs this past summer, fell in love, and is returning this summer. Michaela has had 3-4 years of lifeguard experience as well as experience teaching swimming lessons. As the youngest in her family, she has grown up babysitting and spending time with nieces and nephews. Michaela lives a very active lifestyle where she runs, bikes, hikes, and swims. She is also very creative and enjoys art in her free time. She is excited to be able to work with kids and share her passions while helping others grow!

Elijah Eisert

Elijah is excited to be spending the summer working at Go West! He is currently a student at the University of Louisville in Kentucky studying Political Science and Economics with the hopes of going to law school in the future. He is a competitive cross country mountain biker experienced in racing domestic and collegiate events. He believes that experiencing the outdoors is the simplest way to enjoy life so he is looking forward to sharing his passion for adventure with the kids at camp!




Hailey Himes

Hailey, a firm believer in positive energy, spends most of her time doing what she does best: caring for others. Hailey was the president of the Health Professions Club while in High School and was voted to attend the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards in Estes Park, Colorado. Here, Hailey spent a week engaging in team building exercises, listening to motivational leaders of America, and learning many leadership techniques that she uses in her everyday life. Hailey has spent many years caring for a diverse range of people from hospice patients to children to individuals with intellectual disabilities. She also plays the piano, guitar, saxophone, drums, and ukulele. With an extreme understanding of the fundamentals of music theory and music history, she has spent the past year and a half innovating creative activities that promote an easy approach to learning music. She couldn't be more ready to share her enthusiasm with the power of music, nature, and positive outlook on life with the kids at Go West! 



Andrew and Arianne the Owners/Directors of Go West Camps, are hands on and onsite daily to ensure an excellent camp program. 

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