Sense of Place and Service to Community

Being part of a supportive and encouraging community of kids and adults provides a sense of belonging and responsibility to serve as a good citizen.

Movement and Independence

Getting moving and using human powered transportation keeps us healthy. Learning to navigate our neighborhood by foot and bike allows kids a sense of independence and familiarizes them with their neighborhood and community.

Connection to the Earth and Healthy Food

Maintaining a food garden and learning healthy gardening practices gives kids a sense of accomplishment, helps them make nutritious food choices and inspires an interest in working toward a healthy earth. 

Exploration and Innovation 

Taking part in activities that foster collaboration and inspire their imagination encourages kids to think like innovators, solve problems and embrace their creativity. From setting a bike route and caring for a garden, to working through a team building initiative, kids gain the perseverance and work ethic that will make them successful in their community and their future.