Go west is excited to be offering smart cycling and introduction to mountain biking at gva this fall!

We can provide your child with a bike to ride. If your child plans to ride their own bike in the program we ask that you bring the bike to GVA after school on Friday October 9th at 3:20pm so that we can assess your child's bike to ensure it is mechanically sound and ready to ride.

smart cycling bike club (tuesdays starting october 13)

3:20pm-4:45pm (10/13, 10/20, 10/27, 11/3, 11/10, 11/17) The cost for this 6 week program is $180.

The Smart Cycling program is an introduction to the skills needed for kids to safely navigate their neighborhood streets and trails. Our program generally follows the Bicycling Skills 123 curriculum developed by the League of American Bicyclists. We also encourage participants in this program to ride a geared bicycle with hand brakes. Like in our Learn to Bike Program we start with the basics including helmet fit, bike inspection, starting, stopping and avoiding hazards. We then progress to skills that allow kids to ride safely in real world situations. These include balance, scanning, signaling, turning, yielding, entering a road and navigating an intersection. By the end of this 4 to 6 week program kids are capable of planning a route, riding safely for as much as 10 miles round trip and properly caring for their bike while riding and at home. This program can also include family rides on the weekend where kids share the skills they have learned with their families.


Introduction to mountain biking (Mondays starting october 12)

3:20pm-4:45pm (10/12, 10/19, 10/26, 11/2, 11/9, 11/16) The cost for this 6 week program is $180.

Our introduction to Mountain Biking Program is appropriate for kids who can confidently ride a geared bike on neighborhood streets and trails and are interested in riding off road on dirt trails. We start with the basics teaching kids the three key fundamentals to Mountain Biking (eyes forward, level pedals, fingers on the brakes). We will build off of these fundamentals teaching kids about neutral and ready position, bike body separation (forward, back, side to side) and gradual braking. These skills are taught in a controlled environment like a parking lot or grassy field. We then apply these skills to riding single track and double track. Kids learn to pick and ride a line and learn to safely navigate obstacles in the trail. Kids learn navigation skills and basic bike maintenance needed while riding off road trails. The goal for this 4 to 6 week program is for kids to build confidence in their bike handling skills riding non-technical single track trails.


Our bike programs are active and outdoor based. Kids will need to come prepared each day to ride. Kids should dress appropriately for the weather. This can could include hat, gloves, long pants, closed toed shoes, and an appropriate jacket.

Go West staff will ensure that your child arrives after school to our program. Please communicate with the Go West staff if your child will not attend an afternoon. Pick up will be at 4:45pm. Please be on time to pick your child up. Our pick up location may vary as the program progresses. We will communicate the details weekly by email.

Learn to bike

We plan to offer a learn to bike course at GVA later in the school year. Please call or email us andrew@gowestcamps.com, 719.357.8872 if you would be interested in registering for this program focused on non riders. 

Please contact us if you have any questions about our bike programs

andrew@gowestcamps.com or 719.357.8872